Vedadri is situated only 10 km from Chillakallu on the National


Highway No.9 from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. There are many buses from the highway to the temple
Here the Lord exists in five different forms known as Pancha Narashima Moorthy, namely

  • Jwala Narashima on vedasikara of the mountains,
  • Saligrahma Narashima in the River Krishnaveni,
  • Yogananda Narashima installed by sage Rishya Sringar,
  • Lakshmi Narashimar on his own peetam and
  • Veera Narashimar on garudadri situated at a distance of 5 km from east to Vedadri.


Vedadri It is situated just at a distance if 10 km from “Chillakallu” on the National High way No.9 from Vijayawada to Hyderabad. Below picture is a snapshot from Jwala Narasimha mountain. Below is Lakshmi Narasimha, seen straight at a distance is Veera Narasimha and in the river is Shaligrama Narasimha.

As Matsya Avatar Vishnu saved the vedas from Somakasura as said in the Bramhanda Purana. He hid the veda purushas in human form here. After killing the Asura/Demon, he returned back and told the veda purushas that he will manifest himself at a later time in the same place.

VedadriLater the Lord incarnated himself as ‘Narasimha’ killed the mighty demon Hiranya kasapa and saved Prahalda and ever since stayed as Jwala Narasimha on the mountain head at Vedadri in fulfilment of the inclination of Veda Purushas. Then Lord Bramha requested Jwala Narasimha to stay in Sathya Loka as Saligrama Narsimha so the Lord went to Sathya Loka as Saligrama Narasimha at the request of Lord Bramha. But even before Bramha offered his worship to the Lord in Sathya Loka, the Sathya Loka was consumed in flames. There upon Lord Bramha personally brought Saligrama Narsimha Murthy to the river krishnaveni and erected the Saligrama Murti on the Saligram Mountain.

Later on, the Lord, at the request of Rishis like Rishya Srunga and Kings like Manu, stayed in the middle of the mountain as Yogananda Narasimha Swamy and at the request of the Garudas the Lord stayed as veera Narasimha and as per the Prayer of Vana Devatha the Lord is prevading the mountain as Laxmi Narasimha Murthi. The facts were revealed by Suta Mahamuni to Shounaka and others who acclaimed the efficacy of Vedadri as a unique deity in the entire world. It is the only place where Pancha Narasimha Murtis are existing.

Kalav Smaranan mukthi. It means in kaliyuga mere smarana is enough for mukthi. The rishis having got the information from veda vyasa began searching for a suitable place for their penance and at last they found Vedadri as the most suitable place, as the Lord is staying there in five forms (Panchamurthi). Further the rishis while searching, for a suitable place heard recitals in perfect swaras being emanated from the holy mountain they named as ‘Vedadri’ the mountain of Vedas.

VedadriThe rishis were enchanted by the chanting of Vedas by the Mountain, especially the same veda (music) the Gandharva Swara and its varied moorchans. They have been immensely satisfied by the holy recitals and have settled there for penance. They took a holy dip in the River Krishnaveni, had a pradakshan of the mountain and then settled in Penance. During their deep Penance in their Samadhi., they heard a divine voice saying “Holy rishis this is Vedadri or Vedagiri where Lord Sreemannarayana has taken the avatara of Nrusimha Swamy”.

After the holy words the rishis discovered a Luminous light discerning the path upwards the mountain by which the rishis have scaled it and found Yogananda Nrusimha Swamy in a temple on the top of the mountain. The rishis, who were overwhelmed with joy, praised the Lord, chanting his holy name.
Namasthe Narasimhaya Smasaranava Setave I
Namh Kalyana Roopaya Veda Seershyathe Namha II

Then the Lord gave them darshan as Jwala Nrusimha in the shape of fire, as Saligrama murti in the river, as Yogananda Nrusimha (Laxmi Nrusimha Murti), as Veera Nrusimha murti in Garudachala. The rishis after Visiting all the shrines came back to Vedadri and sat for Penance.

This mountain has been enriched in its spiritual splendor not only by the Pancha Murtis but also due to the Penance of several rishis.

The importance of this place is that anyone affected by dheergha Vyadhis like ghosts, black magic etc, if they visit this temple and stay back, Narasimha is said to appear in a dream and guide them. To this day people with various complex issues have had a permanent solution to their problems.

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