Sri U.Ve.Srinidhi Parthasarathi

Voice over ScholarSri U.Ve.Srinidhi Parthasarathi belongs to the contemporary breed of pravachana-karas who relates the ancient spiritual texts to modern day living.

He is well versed in the Sanskrit language and educated and well trained in Vedas, Vedanta, Divyaprabandhas, Itihasa and the Puranas. It is easier to understand and comprehend some of the scriptures by listening to him, than reading it our-selves. Numerous viewpoints are given to a particular verse so as to appeal to all strata of the society. His discourses are indeed soul-inspiring.

Born in 1968, Sri. Srinidhi K Parthasarathi earned his Bachelors degree in Engineering and later went on to complete his Management course from TA Pai Institute of Management, Manipal.

Alongside his academic pursuits was his profound interest in learning myriad religious hymns and classics. His father and prime guru, Sri U.Ve. K.S.Parthasarathi Swami guided him into the path of spirituality and righteousness. Showered by the blessings of the Pontiffs of Parakala Mutt and Ahobila Mutt, Sri. Srinidhi Parthasarathi engulfed himself into the mastering of Indian scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads. You can also vsit this site for further informations.

This discourse is about Lord Narasimha Avatara ..

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