Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple – History

Sholinghur or CholaSimhapuram is anciently known as Thirukadigai.Sholinghur This fact is evident from the sacred poems of the Third Thiruvanthathi of Peyalvar and from ThirumangaiAlvar. The name of this place is Kadighachalam as known from ancient legend. Kadiga is the name of a space of Time.

Achalam is Hill. Lord Narasimha gave mukthi to Prahalathan by appearing in Yoga. Hence this place is known as Kadigachalam. Since Peyalvar worshipped this place by his pasuram,this is one of the oldest Temple.
Karikal Cholan of Chola dynasty divided his country into 48 divisions of which one is known as Kadigai Nadu. Kadiga is known as the place of Learning.

Sholingar It is known from the inscription that the temple is an ancient one. During Vijayanagara regime Erumbi is famous. Swami Dhoddachar is the main person for the developement of Sholinghur.Sri Acharya Swami, a renowned educationist with the help of Vijayanagara Kings abolished the forest and established the present Sholinghur.

The Temple is in the midst of the Town with a Tank and Car Mandapam. From the records, it is known that the Temple is renovated during 1588. A.D Swami’s ardent devotees M/s. Thakkan Reddy and Mudaliandan make some renovations under the able guidance of swamiji. They have the right to take the Vahanams during Brahmotsavam. After the completion of the procession they have the right to receive the honour next to the Acharya.

There is an inscription of 14th century in the Big Hill and another of 17th century in Small Hill and also a inscription in Telugu Language.Sholingar There is a small window opposite to Lord Narasimhas Shrine at Big Hill, through which the Lord give darsan to Yoga Anjeneya at Small Hill. Yoga Narasimhar is facing east and the Small Hill is at the eastern side of the Big Hill.

Swamy Dhottachar used to worship Lord Varadaraja Perumal of Kanchi on the third day of Brahmotchavam every year. Once he was not able to visit kanchi and thus missed the Seva. The worried Dhottachar offered prayers to Lord Varadharajar sitting on the banks of Brahma Theertham at Sholinghur.

Lord Varadarajar of Kanchi , pleased by the prayers of Swamy Dhottachar, appeared before him on Garuda Vahanam (Mount). This incident resulted in a ritual called Dhottachar Seva performed on the third day of Brahmmotchavam at Kanchi Varadarajar Temple even now.

Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple – Puranic History


The name Kadigachalam came as the Lord gave darsan to the Saptharishi to a kadigai time and gave mukthi. He also gave darsan to Prahalatha by changing his figure of Terror and in the yoga stage.

Lord Anjeneya who is in the yoga stage helped Indrathymna Maharaja in killing the Arakkan Nikumban and saved his country. It was held on Sunday and hence evey Sunday is an important one for Siriya Thiruvadi. People take a bath in the Chakkra Theertham of the small hill and worship the Lord.

In Karthigai sundays people pray Lord after taking bath in the Chakkra Theertham and by lying down on its steps. People belive that Lord come and fulfill the wishes of the devotees in their dreams.

Sacred Thirumanjanam and poojas are performed for Lord Anjeneya on all Sundays. The Brahma theertham well, which is full of mineral water gives cure for many diseases. The water is tested by King Institute and certified as a mineral water which is good for health.

Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temples – Big Hill Temple

Arulmigu Yoga Narasimhar Temple
Yoga Narasimha Swamy Temple, popularly known as Big Hill Temple is situated in Kondapalayam village.Sholinghur Brahmma Theertham is found en-route to hills. It is told that 108 Theerthams are available in Kadighachalam. The most important one among all these theerthams, is Brahmma Theertham alias Thakkan Kulam ( Temple Tank). The Length of the tank is 300 feet and breath 200 feet. It has 25 steps. Sri Varadaraja Swamy Temple is on the banks of this Tank. Float Festival and Theerthavari to Perumal is celebrated here.

The length of Big Hill Temple is 200 feet and breadth 150 feet ; area approximately one acre. It is britt at 750 feet height with 1305 steps. There are seven Mandapams is between the foot hill and the entrance of the temple. are North facing Raja Gopuram ( Main Tower) consists 5 storeys and 7 kalasams. We can see a big Bali Peetam and falg mast at the northern side. The Town Temple where Urchavar (Processional Deity) is kept, has no separate flagmast. A four pillared Dhuvatha Sarathana Mandapam is at the outer corridor of Perumal shrine. We worship Amrithavalli Thayar shrine first and then to Perumal shrine.

Goddess Amrithavalli is facing east. After offering prayers to goddess if we move north we can see 2 Thuvarabalagar guarding the Lord. After worshipping them, we can enter Lord Narasimhars Shrine through a front hall. Garudalval is standing in front of Perumal. There is a small window at the backside of Garudalvar.Through this window, we can see the Small Hill. It is told that the eyes of Yoga Anjaneya in Small Hill are fixed at the feet of Yoga Narasimhar.

There is a small Unjal Swing Mandapam in Big Hill. The Shrine of Arumigu Yoga Narasimha Swamy consists Hemakodi vimanam with a kalasam. Also vimanam with one kalasam is on the shrine of goddess Amirthavalli.

Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple – Pooja Timings

Nithiyapadi Poojas are performed in all the three temples – Big Hill, Small Hill and the Local Temple . The pooja is performed under Vaikanasa Agama.The heriditary seva is done by Dhoddachar Swami and is given the first preference in Theertham and Manthra Pushpa. The recital of vetha, Prabantham and Andal Thirupavai are the daily feature of the Temple. The sucessors of swami Dhoddachar perform this.

Big&SmallHill – Morning
ThirumajanamAbhisekam: to 11.00am
Prathana Utsavam -: 4.00 P.M

Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple – Transport:

This is one of the 108 sacred places and is named as Sholinghur.
Access to this place is very simple. It is just 27 K.m. away from Arakkonam on the Bangalore-Madras Train Route. Easy transport facility is also available from Chennai, Vellore,Chittor, Tiruttani, Arakkonam and Arcot. People alight at Arakkonam junction and come to this place.

1 Distance from Chennai 110 K.M
2 Distance from Vellor 50 K.M
3 Distance from Tiruttani 27 K.M
4 Distance from Arakonam 27 K.M
5 Distance from Arcot 31 K.M

Nearest Railway Station is Vellore
Nearest Airport is Chennai.

Contact Detials

AssistantCommissioner/Executive Officer
Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Thirukoil,
Sannathi Street,
Walaja Taluk,
Vellore District,
Pincode – 631102.

Phone – 04172-262225(Office), 04172-2622256(Cottage),
04172-200368(Big Temple), 04172-295999(Small Temple),
Fax – 04172-263515,
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For your stay @ Sholingur Rooms-(Accomodation and Food)
Contact :
Mrs D. Lakshmi——-Sholingur
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