VadapallY: This is the first pancha Narashima kshetram

This place is 20 kms from Miryalaguda station which is on Hyderabad to Chennai via Nalgonda. The place belongs to Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh

Purana says 6000 years back Agyasthya muni brought the Siva Kesava idols and he wanted to install them. He was traveling through all Lokas and finally he landed in Bholokaham, as he was heading towards Kasi kshetram, he heard akasa vani saying that Lord Narashima wanted to be installed at this place where sangamam of River Krishna and River musi.

Agyastayar installed and constructed a temple for Lord Narashimar. As the years passed there was lot of changes and the temple was not taken care and the main deity was covered by ant hill.

During 12th century Reddy Kings developed their city and at that time they found the deity of Narashimar and they re constructed the temple and installed the main deity.

The temple is small one and has lot of place, around it with trees and plants. We see Dwjasthanbam near the entrance and Garuda near the Dwajasthambam. As we enter inside we have the darshan of Jaya, Vijayan to either side of the entrance. We have to enter into artha mandapam and inside in the main sanctum we have the darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narashima swamy. There is no separate sanctum for Goddess. This is the only sanctum in the temple.

Inside the main sanctum we see two lamps lit and tied to a pole next to deity. One lamp is to the height of main god and the other is half way down. The light lit to the lamp on the top is wavering where as the one to the other lamp is still.
They say the shake in the light is due to the breath of Lord Narashima in main sanctum.

This is a unique thing about the Lord of this place. The deepam here is Akanda Deepam.

The temple is open upto 12 noon and in it’s opened again at 4.30 Pm onwards As we go around the temple to the side we have the darshan of Anjaneyar. This is a small village and we did not see any rooms as such for rental.

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