Sri Mangala Giri Narasimha

Location : Sri Mangala Giri Narasimha is located in Vijayawada in


Andra Pradesh. The Lakshmi Narasimha at the foot hills is called Bhogalarayadu Lakshmi Narasimha. This temple is said to be built by Dharmaraya and sage Shatananda who is Gautama Rishi’s grandson installed the diety in the temple.It is said that Narasimha incarnated here to kill a demon by name Namuchi. The Devas initially had offered Amrut to Narasimha and it is said that he took only 50% and returned the remaining back as prasada to devas. Since then in Treta yuga people worshipped with Ghee and in Dvapara Yuga with Milk and in Kaliyuga with Panaka.

Sri Mangala Giri NarasimhaThe temple uphill is called Panaka Narasimha and is open between 7am and 4pm.

Beyond Panaka Narasimha is Jwala Narasimha and it is a custom that when one has a problem in life or fear or bad health and if they light a lamp on the top, it is said to give tremendous benefit.

Contact details of the Main Archaka,
D.R. Raghuram
Phone: 0-9346505759