Guru Narasimha Temple at Saligrama is one of the important pilgrim centers in Udupi District.Saligrama

Saligrama is a small town located at a distance of 23 Km towards North from Udupi on National Highway 17.

The main attraction of Saligrama is temple of Lord Guru Narasimha. It is believed that the idol of the deity is very old and it belongs to the 8th century AD and it is carved out of Saligrama rock.

Sri Guru Narasimha idol is very attractive; the idol is facing west and the right hand holding chakra (disc) and the left hand holding shanka (conch) and Prabhavali at the back.

According to the “Sahyadri Khanda” of the Skanda Purana, the idol of Lord Guru Narasimha at Saligrama has been installed by Narada Maharshi.

Udupi district has many important Holy places as well as Thirta Sarovaras. Narada Muni visited the place between Sita river and Kumbha Kashi kshetra where many Koota Muni Pungavas performing penance.

Narada Maharshi visited these placed and took holy dip in different theerta sarovaras and worshipped at holy places. During this point in time an unexpected incident happened at this place. Earth started shaking and a big thunder sound was heard. As a result, all animals were scared and birds circled the sky. There was a heavy wind and the scared sages came to Narada Maharshi seeking for the protection. Suddenly they heard a Divya Vani (Divine message) that preached about Lord Narasimha.

SaligramaThe Divya Vani, a message from unknown source informed that an idol of Lord Narasimha, holding Shanka and Chakra in both hands and seated in Yogananda Posture that is worshiped by Brahma and Lord Shiva is located between Shanka and Chakra thirta in middle of an Ashwatta (people) tree. The Diyva Vani instructed Narada Maharshi to install this idol.

Narada Maharshi accepted the instructions and searched for the idol of Guru Narasimha found it between Shanka and Chakra thirta in middle of an Ashwatta (people) tree.

This place in the middle of Koota Kshetra, where Lord Narasimha resides in Saligrama idol is called Saligrama. Devotees will acheive all their desires by worshipping this Saligrama idol. Taking holy dip in Chakra Theertha rids one of all diseases and fear of enemy. Holy dip in Shanka Theerta clenses one from all the sins. One who takes holy dip in both the theerthas and worships Narasimha will attain prosperity.

According to Skanda Purana Sahyadri Kanda, learned Brahmin families under the leadership of Bhattacharya, came to present day Saligrama from Ahichatra on the banks of Godavari river, on the request of King Lokaditya.Saligrama King Lokaditya wanted to reinstate learned Brahmins in his kindgom for the prosperity of the kingdom. Maha Yagna’s like “Atiratra” were performed by these Brahmins on request of King Lokadithya. Before starting these yagnas, “to avoid obstacles” these learned, prayed to Lord Ganapathi and obtained blessings.

Bhattacharya was delighted to see elephants and lions living together, a situation which he had already experienced during his meditation and named this place “Nirvairya Sthala” meaning “Enemy less abode”. This is signified by the symbolic representation of elephant in the form of Lord Ganapathi and Lion in the form of Lord Narasimha, even till this date in the Saligrama temple.

The idol is facing west and has chakra in right hand and conch shell in the left hand.
King Lokaditya allocated 14 villages to Brahmins who accompanied Bhattacharya and requested them to stay there and perform yagas and yajnas.
While returning back to Ahichatra, Bhattacharya instructed his disciples staying back, to worship Lord Narasimha as both Guru and Lord.
From those days we Koota Brahmins worship Lord Narasimha as both Guru and Lord.

Importance of Theerthas

Taking holy dip in Chakra Theertha rids one of all diseases and fear of enemy. Holy dip in Shanka Theerta purifies one from all kinds of sins. One who takes holy dip in both Shanka and Chakra Theertha and worship Guru Narasimha will attain prosperity.

Other Dieties at Guru Narashimha Temple, Saligrama

Sri Anjaneya Swamy: Facing the Narasimha idol is the idol of Anjaneya. It was installed in the recently renovated granite stonewalled temple.

Sri Maha Ganapathi: At the northern side powli (North West) is installed Ganapathi idol which is worshipped every day.

Goddess Durga Parameshwari: At the Souther side powli (South West) is installed Durga Parameshwari idol which is worshipped every day.

Distance from Saligrama:

Bangalore: 426 Km
Mangalore: 77 Km
Mysore: 329 Km
Shimoga: 160 Km
Chikmagalur: 207 Km
Karwar: 194 Km
Udupi: 23 Km
Kundapur: 15 Km
Kollur: 53 Km
Karkala: 60 Km
Hebri: 42 Km
Sringeri: 85 Km
Byndoor: 47 Km

How to reach Saligrama:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Kundapur or Udupi

Road: Saligrama town lies on NH 17 and it is well connected by road network. Direct buses are available to Saligrama from Mangalore and Udupi.

Route map to reach Saligrama:

From Bangalore: via Nelamangala – Hassan – Sakaleshpura – Mangalore – Udupi

From Mysore: via Hunsur – Kushalanagar – Madikeri – Sulya – Puttur – Mangalore – Udupi

From Mangalore: via Surathkal – Mulki – Udupi

From Udupi: on NH17 towards Kundapur

Sri Guru Narasimha Temple, Saligrama
P.O. Saligrama – 576255
Udupi Dist, Karnataka State, India
Phone : +91-820-2564544

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