Sri Mattapallinatham Pranathosmi Nithyam Namaha

Maasa Pooraada Thirumanjanam 22nd February 2017

Today, By the Grace of The TRIO the Maasa Pooraada Thirumanjanam for Sri Yagnamurthy, Sri Sudarsanar, Sri Salagrama Murthys, Sri Nammazhwaar, Sri Adivan Satakopa Yatheendra Maha Desikan and Nam Swamy took place in a grand manner at the residence of Sri E S Varadharajan and Smt. Malathy Varadharajan where all Emberumaangal of NamSwamy Sannathi are relaxing after a busy Japa schedule at Guruvayoor.

The occasion was also graced by two great Swamis of our Sampradayam – Sri Purisai Swamy’s son Sri. P.K. Sri Ranganathan Swamy (Sri Jagannathan Swamy) and Sri Desika Seva Ratnam Nelvoi Sri Sowmyanarayanachar Swamy.

Before the start of the Thirumanjanam, Sri MLS gave an Upanyasam about the importance of Maasi Rohini and the proposed Goshtashtami Japam at Mattapalli between March 3rd and March 5th. He also explained the meaning, significance and importance of “Kannan Kazhalinai” paasuram. Towards the end of Sri MLS’ upanyasam, Sri Jagannathan Swamy added few words about Naama Sankeerthanam and suggested adding the Naama Sankeerthanam mentioned often by the 43rd Jeer in the Japam at Mattapalli. (Sri MLS has already sent a mail about this program at Mattapalli to our group – adiyEn would like to request those of you who are planning to attend, to send email to Smt. Deepa Srinivasan at with details of your travel plan to enable us to plan the accommodation etc).

At the end of the Thirumanjanam, Sri Sowmyan Swamy gave an Upanyasam about this “Su-dhinam”.

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